8 Creepiest Things that Can Scare the Hell out of You at Car Parks!

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Every now and then, you get off work late or watch a late night movie. As you are leaving the place, your brain unconsciously sequences a photographic memory of your car location. You tiredly drag yourself to the elevator and call one to fetch you down to the car park.

If you are lucky, the whole process is still under bright in-door light. But once you step out of the elevator into the car park, *cue cold wind sound effect, you are then utterly alone in the big…wide…space.

Don’t get start shivering yet. Here are the 7 scariest things you may face in a car park at late night:

  1. You have to walk 5 miles to your car

Source: flickr

That is a bit of exaggeration. But I tell you, when you are scared, 10-metre looks like a 100-metre sprint track.

  1. No security guard or security camera around

Source: deltaforce

Abang, where are you lah?! Suddenly, you realize you took security guard and camera system for granted.

  1. Dank, musty, no air circulation precinct. You are 6-feet-under; a place that will never see sunlight.

Source: giphy

If you park in Basement 4, you are 40 feet under. Why are you so deep in the ground the first place? You start to wonder who would hear you if you scream. And that thought scares you even more!

  1. Remembering horror movie scenes suddenly

Source: giphy

Be it Pennywise the Dancing Clown from IT, Valak from Conjuring 2 or Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th. Once thought can never be unthought. They are now in your head.

  1. Flickering lights in front of you!!!

Source: giphy

The epitome of danger or jump scare happening in 3, 2, 1… What should you do now? 😢

  1. The sound of dripping water from exposed pipes

Source: tenor

If the sound of flickering light was okay to you, I bet the sound of dripping water will get to you. Especially when it tings snuffly but echoes sharply in your ears. It is probably just psychological effect, just like the one you hear in your head now.

  1. The building gets older at night. Water puddles, cracked walls, mosses and slime are now apparent and sentient

Source: YouTube

All these things that you overlook every other day is suddenly right in your face. Maybe the water puddles will pull you down to another dimension. Walk with care.

  1. Having no phone signals


Source: tenor

When we are scared, we always pull out our phone. We do it either to use the flashlight or to gain quicker access to make an S.O.S. call. The worst thing that could happen is to see that your signal bar is at zero. #YouAreAlone #UtterlyAlone

Source: giphy

What if all these can be changed and you don’t have to walk through creepy car parks at late night?

Just use the ride-hailing app Uber instead! Request for an Uber and skip the whole fear-facing late-night car park experience.

Source: Uber

Besides, you can save yourself up to 25 minutes each day looking for parking; or 1 hour and 20 minutes every day including traffic jam in KL city.


Uber aspired to UNLOCK our cities, creating an urban area with smooth sailing traffic. Don’t be trapped in the boxes of things.


Do you spot yourself in one of these road rages? Tell us in the comments below.

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