The Coverage Explores The Top 8 Must Visit Places In Hong Kong, The Pearl Of The Orient

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Did you think we were about to stop just at Macau and not explore Hong Kong? Well, think again! If you are wondering what I am talking about then you should check out our Macau exploration at HERE.

For those who fail at geography, don’t we got your backs! Hong Kong and Macau are actually only an hour apart via a boat ride that is. Transiting between these two cities by the famous Turbojet is highly recommended! If you are the kind of person who follows schedule firmly, then it would be best to book the Turbojet Roundtrip via Klook because it is cheaper compared to getting a single-trip ticket or directly from the counter.

Do take note that the boat ride is quite bumpy, so for those who have motion sickness, you might want to take your medication before the ride. But of course, a quick nap will get you through the ride without a problem. If you have luggage with you, don’t fret, as at the back and the first floor of the cabin has designated storage area for it. Also, you want to make sure that you are at least 15 minutes earlier before the boarding time, as they are quite strict about it. Missing it will only cost you another HK$175 per person!


In Hong Kong, one should never miss out on the Sky Terrace 428, which is a must-visit tourist spot! Why the Sky Terrace though? Well, simply because it has multiple museums in it – from wax, chocolates and to optical illusions, this mall-like tourist attraction has it all.

The Sky Terrace 428 itself has an open deck which allows everyone to be mesmerized by the scenic view that Hong Kong has to offer; the intricate architecture of the skyscrapers enveloped by the greens of the mountain while being surrounded by the wide ocean. Not only does it home the mini museums, it also has a number of restaurants and souvenir shops.

So how do you get up there? By boarding on the iconic Peak Tram, a funicular railway that looks aesthetically Instagram-worthy. This tram that has seen so much history of Hong Kong, goes high up to the peak at a hair-raising steep. Do make sure to be seated at all times or else you could easily slide back to the back of the tram.

The queue for getting on board this tram is CRAZY! The lines are no joke! Even as we were heading towards the gates to board on the tram (going up), the normal queueing line beside us was massive. But nothing could beat the line towards later in the evening when we were coming back down. The lines were literally split into three which the other two sections were queueing up across the street!

So either make sure you go up there early in the morning to beat the crowd or you could book your tickets through Klook and cut the long line with the assistance of a tour guide.

Oh! You also want to make sure that you are in thin clothing and equipped with at least two bottles of water/energy drink as the waiting area can get pretty ‘suffocating’.

Though it would be massively packed in the evening (but I guess you don’t have to worry about the line if you are going through Klook) it would be better to visit at that time as you would get to enjoy the beautiful night skyline of the island with ships docking at the edge of the land.

The ever-famous Madame Tussauds is a wax museum that homes realistic famous celebrities doppelgangers like Andy Lau, Lee Jong Suk, Audrey Hepburn, Bruce Lee, Taylor Swift and much more! Since it’s one of the main attractions do expect the line to be long but don’t worry as it moves pretty quickly.

If you are the kind of person who knows that it is impossible for you to meet up and close with your favourite celebrities then maybe you should not miss out on this museum. Who knows, if you could Instagram your selfie with your favourite artist with a creative caption and of course the hashtag and/or mention, maybe just maybe, you could be talking or getting a quick response from your idols. Just suggesting…

Next, we will be moving on to the Trick Eye Museum that people of any age and from different walks of life would able to enjoy themselves getting creative and silly! Our team actually got caught up in here as each took turns to take whacky pictures of themselves in this optical-illusion-filled room.

If you ever imagined yourself getting eaten by ‘Jaws’ then this place gives you that exact make-believe-fright- experience. Of course, there’s also a spot for those who have dreamt of being a ballerina but they couldn’t pursue their dreams due to their robotic body joints.

There’s also a whole dedicated for cat lovers as it has been painted on with human-sized felines strolling about and playing with tea cups. Their imagination and creativity were clearly over the top with a few of the optical illusions, hence why, you should not miss out on this entry either!

Once you have submitted your entry ticket to the staff, you will be awarded a complimentary entry ticket to view their very own Chocolate Museum. Be warned that you are about to step foot into a place that smells like it was painted with chocolate.


Though it calls itself a museum, I would rather call it a hall-of-chocolate as it was only a walkway filled with intricate carvings of chocolates. Nevertheless, if you are a fan of art and chocolate, a quick walk through this place will be exciting for you.

They did say that there will be chocolate tasting at the end of the tour, however, don’t put up too much hope as it not a giant buffet of chocolates that will be waiting for your exit. Rather it is only a tray of a variety of chocolates that you will be able to taste.

When you have figured that it is about time to leave the Sky Terrace 428, you might want to check out their souvenir stalls before boarding the tram to head back to lower ground.

The line for going back down is equally long and whether or not you have book your tickets with Klook, there is still no short cut here, unfortunately. But! You can purchase a soft serve or two with your favourite toppings before you line up and wait for your turn to get on the tram.

Going down with the Tram, you can also opt to stand in the middle where there are special flooring sections that allow you to stand up straight without feeling like you are about to fall forward. What is cool about this short experience is that only you would be looking like you are doing the Michael Jackson ‘lean trick’ but backwards.

Night view in Hong Kong is simply mesmerizing especially when the skyscrapers are all lighted up. It kinda gives off a vibe like you are in an anime or a painting. There is no other better way of enjoying this scenic view of Hong Kong than to hop on the Rickshaw Sightseeing Bus, which is an open top bus that tours around the city covering major landmarks and colonial history of Hong Kong.

Afraid of missing the ride? Not to worry, there’s a bus that comes by the designated bus stops every 3o minutes! Convenient, right? If it is your first time in Hong Kong then this ride is a must! As the ride also provides you with a personal headphone commentary, that allows you to choose from the 10 languages to give you a quick run through of the city.

This is another sightseeing in Hong Kong that you wouldn’t want to miss out on unless if you have severe motion sickness. Take a cruise ride around the beautiful Victoria Harbour and do make sure you have your cameras ready as the night view is simply breathtaking!

The Chinese-style cruiser even comes with a full open bar that serves unlimited whisky, gin, beer, soft drinks and cocktails. Of course, my personal opinion is that it would be better to skip the alcohol as the ride can get pretty bumpy, according to the weather and tide of the day.

Do note that you will need to redeem the tickets from their headquarters in Carnarvon Plaza, Tsim Sha Tsui.

Also, you will get to visit what the locals would call the “Poor Man’s Night Club”, the famous flea market towards the end of the night.

Speaking about flea markets, if you are fond of everything about BARGAINS then you should make your way to Wong Kok. It’s literally a Hong Kong version of our very own Petaling Street. Even our team bought bundles of stuff from here.

Oh! A quick tip, the sellers can get quite harsh so it’s best if you were to only enter their ‘booths’ if and only if you are really attracted to something. Lols A smile turns into a frown really fast here, if they know you are not going to buy their items.


Okay, so when in Hong Kong, one of the definitely-should-not-be-missed places is the Ocean Park. This place is like Sunway Lagoon times 10. Why? Simply because the area of their theme park covers like 2-3 mountain peaks and expect A LOT of walking as you move from one section to the other.

Once again, booking the ticket via Klook makes it all the easier and faster in terms of getting past the gates for a fun filled day. The lines here can get pretty long, and if I must say that it is even longer than the lines formed at the Peak Tram. With the E-ticket, you can skip the waiting line and march right into the park.

There are a lot of hair-raising rides, popular attractions including the Polar Adventure, Aqua City, and Amazing Asian Animals. Let’s not forget about the ample food booths that they have scattered around the premises.

One of our team’s personal favourites was the quick walk through in the man-made north pole for the adorable penguins. They all looked so cuddle-able! Even though they are kept in a ‘huge box’, all of them seem to be well-fed and agile. It’s not only the penguins that you will get to see here. There are also the iconic pandas, seals and even a dolphin show!

We don’t have to elaborate on how awesome some of the extreme rides are because all we know is adrenaline junkies will sure love them all! Oh! And please make sure that if you are planning to visit the Ocean Park, cancel out on all other plans for the day as there will be too many activities for you to even keep track of time.

Last but not the least is visiting the Big Buddha that is sitting up on the mountain of Ngong PingWhether you are a religious person or not, visiting this place would look excellent in your travel log. Hahaha

Booking with Klook once again gave us the privilege of being treated like a VIP. Since we did opt for the Crystal cabin, we got to enjoy the marvellous view beneath our feet. Wait…did I forget to mention that to go up and see the Big Buddha, you would have to go up the 25-minute long cable ride? Silly me.

Don’t worry you wouldn’t even feel that the trip took that long as you would be busy gazing at your surrounding or curled up in a ball since you are afraid of heights.

As soon as we reached the top, we made our way to the Li-Nong Tea House as we waited for the tour guide, Bryan. At here, you will be given an oriental tea performance and tasting session. If you are the type of person who loves to collect tea pots and stuff then this would be the perfect place for you as, if you were to book your tickets under Klook, you will be able to purchase all the items in the Tea House with a 50% discount!

Before visiting the Big Buddha, you will be taken for a short tour around Tai O, a fishing town , where you would get to go on a short boat ride around the island and taste the locals’ favourite Fried Doughnut, Coconut Tart and Li Nong Tea which is a tea made out of apple and pear.

This place is a photographers paradise! Just look at those breathtaking views. Even at the time of our exploration, there was a filming going on.

Once the tour ends, you will be brought back to the Ngong Ping marketplace where you can purchase all your souvenirs on the way back. As you walk further in, you will be greeted by a giant gate.

If you think the Big Buddha is all you will get to see here, well you are surely mistaken as there are the 12 zodiac soldiers monuments and the magnificent architecture of the temples in the area. Be prepared as your jaw will drop as soon as you see the Grand Hall of the Ten Thousand Buddhas!

The tour ends pretty much at there and then you will finally be able to go up the 268 stairs to meet up and close with the massive bronze statue of the Big Buddha who is surrounded by “The Offering of the Six Devas”.

Take your time to make your wishes and enjoy the scenic view of the island.

That pretty much wraps our Hong Kong exploration, but I can’t leave just yet as I want to share a little piece of information regarding the transportation to get to these places that I have mentioned above.

Unlike Macau, where free shuttle buses are plenty, getting around in Hong Kong is much faster via their MTR. At every block there is an exit that will lead to your train ride, it’s that simple and efficient. So do make sure that you purchase the Octopus Card via Klook which will conveniently already have HK$50 in it.

Also, if you would like to cover most of our suggested places then it will be wiser to purchase the I-Venture Card that gives you the access to not only our mentioned sites but many other tourist attractions!

Of course, if you need mobile data while you are on the go, Klook also provides the Hong Kong Prepaid 4G Sim Card for your convenience! I don’t know about you all, but the data is sufficient to cover a 4-5 days trip, unless if you are planning to watch videos throughout the whole journey then it might not be enough for you.

If you want to travel back and forth from the airport or to the city, then it will be best if you’d purchase the Hong Kong Airport Express Train Tickets too!

I guess that wraps our team’s exploration for both Hong Kong and Macau. Let us know which tourist attractions that you would like to visit in the comment box below or you could even share your own Hong Kong experience with us.

For more information on what are the other offers and awesome deals that KLOOK has, check them out!

If you are wondering which spots did The Coverage Malaysia covered in Macau then check this link out: The Top 5 Must Visit Places In Macau, The Land Of Dreams

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