The Coverage Explores The Top 5 Must Visit Places In Macau, The Land Of Dreams

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Just last week, The Coverage team had an adventurous trip exploring the beauty and wonders of Macau. Though we did not enter any of the glamorous casinos, we still thought that it would be great to share with our readers, the team’s personal favourite spots in the land of dreams.

Why did I mention casinos? Well, it’s only because Macau is famously known for its mini resemblance to Vegas, the Sin City. And true enough, when at night, all the casinos light up creating a picturesque view.

Anyways, that’s not all the beauty that Macau has to offer.

Something which is even more beautiful and worth every single penny of yours is The House of Dancing Waters! This is a must-watch performance; at least once in your lifetime.

It is guaranteed to make your jaw drop and heart beat fast with their gravity-defying acrobat stunts, mind-blowing ever-changing stage, the beautiful details that go into the performers’ wardrobe and the massive hall that projects scenic views.

Oh! Let’s not forget to mention also the interaction, both visually and physically, with the audience. Yes, people, prepare to get wet!

And the best part of it all, the tickets for the show is even cheaper than those of most music concerts! For below than RM300 you would be able to enjoy this majestic show. This one-of-a-kind attraction also fills up pretty quickly, so you’d best want to make sure that you book the seats way earlier.

Which brings us to our next spot, the Golden Reel Ferris Wheel. If you believe in bringing luck into your life, then you must not miss out on this world’s highest figure-8 Ferris wheel while enjoying the magnificent view!

But why luck? Well, if you are a believer of the number 8 being a number that brings in fortune and wealth, then what’s a better way to gather in all the luck in Macau, if it’s not by riding this 425ft high Ferris wheel?

We, personally, would recommend going on the ride during sunset, if not afterwards. Don’t worry, the ride is only about 15 minutes and it is open until 8 pm on weekdays and 9 pm on weekends. So you definitely have the time to enjoy the scenic view.

Probably due to the hot weather now, going on the ride during the day isn’t as pleasant in terms of both the view and experience. Oh! And a little birdie told me that if you have booked a show at The House of Dancing Water, you are also entitled to a free ride on the Golden Reel via Klook.

But here’s the catch this promotion only lasts until the end of this year, so if you have made plans or after reading through this article and decided to go for a trip to Macau then it’s best if you’d book the tickets now.

May we remind you that these two locations are not located side by side, so getting your tickets during earlier in the day at the counter would be a wise thing to do. Don’t fret though because Macau’s public transport, as in their free shuttle bus are plenty and are always on time.

Isn’t this like the best way to kill 2 birds with 1 stone. Not literally, obviously!

Okay, so if you want to kill another bird with the same stone, we would suggest that you also try out the Batman Dark Flight. This is almost like a must-visit spot as fans of Batman can only dream of being in the movie. Yes, you read that right!

This ride literally takes you into the movie, and you actually become one of the actors! Well, at least that’s what it feels like. With holograms that can easily fool your eyes into thinking that you are where they say you are and an adrenaline-filled motion ride; it’s definitely a rare ride that you will only be able to experience in Macau.

But if you have motion sickness, then you might want to skip this one out.

If you ever wondered what it is like to venture around Gotham city with maniac clowns creating chaos at every corner, then this my friends is the solid reason for you to not miss out on the 4D ride!

Please note, that you are not allowed to take pictures or videos once you are in the ride, for the obvious reason that Gotham is sacred, the suicidal clowns may attack you if you were to flash at them and you should not spoil the fun for other Batman fans who have yet to try this ride.

Once you are done with all of that and decide to slow things down for a bit, maybe for a little dosage of romance, then you should head on over to the building next door (btw this is a figure of speech) and hop on the Gondola Ride at the Venetian!

Even Korean famous idol PSY did his ‘New Face’ at this beautiful place

Allow yourself to be serenaded by the beautiful voices of your Italian gondolier boatmen while marvelling at the remarkable Venice replica of the hotel.

Honestly, the gondolier boatmen really have amazing voices and they are just as good as the real deal. Oh, and they are really good looking too! If visiting Venice was always one of your dreams, then you must take this ride, especially since it is much cheaper to travel to Macau and there are always great ticket promos around.

On a side note, though you can book your rides online through travel apps, it’s best to make sure that you bring a printed copy of your bookings as they tend to charge a small amount of fee for printing them out for you.

In our team, one of the girls even said that she wishes her partner would propose to her while they were on this gondola ride. Well, it isn’t surprising that this place is over-pouring with the love vibe since the Italians basically gave a whole new purpose of romance in the name of love.

Isn’t simply amazing that you travel to Macau but get to enjoy the glimpse of other famous cities in the world?

And finally, for those thrill seekers, you must not ever miss out on visiting the Macau Tower! If you are a fan of Running Man you must have already seen this tower getting conquered by Ace Jihyo when she bungee jumped from the 233 metres tall building without any glimpse of fear.

This tower doesn’t only offer bungee jump, you also can walk the 360-degree observation deck and if bungee is too much for you, you can easily opt for the Skyjump.

Alternatively, if you just want to enjoy the view only, you can… from inside the tower, protected behind the tilted glass windows.

If you think the skywalk is just a boring walk, well let me tell you this, it is anything else but boring! Your sky instructor will make you do stunts like sitting at the edge of the deck while seeing the vast gap between your feet and the ground, leaning outwards with only your toes touching the edge of the deck and much more!

Trust me because our team did the walk and personally, I think I got rid of my fear of heights.

Also, as safety is the key for this kind of adventures, do make sure that you are wearing sneakers and not slippers. But don’t worry because they also do provide you with proper covered shoes and stockings if you didn’t already have a pair with you.

So from the adventure seeking to the romantic group to the curious minds to the risk takers, we believe that Macau has a place befitting for each and everyone of you.

Just to make sure that you get the best deals out of all of these places with easy and fast access, we proudly would suggest that you make your bookings through Klook. By far it has one of the best deals in town!

Our team made all the bookings through Klook and it was easy as saying ABC because in the app itself it gave clear directions of how to use your booking codes and where are the counters located for collecting the tickets.

If at all, their directions were a bit fuzzy (which I highly doubt they are), you can always cross check with other people who have used the app and see how did they get easy access to all the top spots in Macau.

In all honesty, every tourist spot is packed with massive crowds, so purchasing a ticket on the site will be a hassle and ultimately time-consuming. We are sure you wouldn’t want to spoil your holiday mood by waiting in the never-ending line, right?

In our opinion, Klook makes it easier to book any of the above-mentioned tourist spots and in a way, we kinda felt like VIPs as we walked past others who were queueing up in the dreadful line. You can always show your booking code through your mobile, but having a printed copy on standby can bring wonders!

There are other attractive spots to visit in Macau, but this is our team’s personal favourites. To check out what are the other must visit places in Macau, head on over to KLOOK for more information.

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Want more discounts? Then you are in luck because booking under The Coverage Malaysia will give you another RM15 off Klook’s best deals when you use “KLOOKTC” code when making your purchase!

We know the pain of planning and budgeting for trips. There’s just so much to see and so much to do! Quit putting yourself through all that headache; with Klook, you’ll be guaranteed quality experiences at the lowest prices. Travel paperless and hassle-free – just the way we like it.






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